Unuttered thoughts ☺

Everyone has them but rare speak about it.

Bloody words

Yes! you read it right. 'WORDS' though are written in various languages, drawn beautifully in different forms, sound uniquely melodious in every other region of the world, but sometimes, yet fails to describe your true feelings. Sometimes they're not simply... Continue Reading →


Stay Courageous! Because you are one hell of a person.

In this 'LIFE' you are going to get disappointed again and again, and specially by those whom you thought would never hurt you, whom you thought are the best kind of people and understands you the most. And mostly, You... Continue Reading →


My take on role of choices in our life and how to deal with them 🙂

What music does to you ?

Let's talk about some music and various feelings related to it.


If you are confused over the word change and it's relevance with our life. Have a read 🙂

Thoughts at 3 am

If you are bored and never wondered about life which is least possible scenario you can give it a read. This is what i was thinking one night when i was unable to sleep.

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