Hello… This is just for me! This is like I am talking to myself. So I just want to say thank you, thank you to god, to the universe or to any soul, guardian power which is responsible for this life and created all of this, which is seeing us or not, which can be me, I mean according to my religion theory every soul is individual, every soul can be god, every soul is eternal from infinity to infinity. So I think according to that I should be thankful to myself because whatever I’m today, whatever I have today in my life is because of my past experience, past deed, that past can be my younger self or my past life because till now I don’t think I have done anything to really deserve these luxuries in my life. I don’t know what I have done in my life, what I have achieved. Not in terms of money, fame, popularity or success but in term of  life! like what have I really done to get good health, good body, fantastic family, good food, shelter, water, all this comfort, these facilities, this education, this religion, this country? I am so healthy, happy, safe, content with my life. I always get whatever I want and obviously I always get whatever I need. This is possible because of my hardworking father, my managing mom, everything is possible because of them and perhaps my good deeds. I don’t know about my past life, but I really wonder like why?  Why have I this privilege? when I see other people suffering in the world, I am like I could be one of them! I don’t know! right now I am laying in my bed comfortably recording on my smartphone -actually having a great life to really speak about it but when I wonder about those children those people who are laying on streets, who are like only surviving who don’t really have money to get real comfort in life (I don’t know what real comfort is) I am just you know saying or I mean there are so many people out there who don’t have family or food or anything any basic thing and are just not happy with their life, they lost someone, or are suffering with some deadly disease. I could be one of them! I mean I have everything one should desire of though I am not that rich or popular or something but I really feel grateful for everything in my life! every everything in my life! because the only question that make me feel grateful is that why do I have all this in my life ? and I haven’t really done anything for anyone yet really (because I am just 20) and studying and doesn’t have a clue of my future and not a really you know a good helper at my home, not helping my mom or dad much, or my brother much, so I am like exactly not doing anything and getting everything. how is this possible? it’s not like I don’t think I deserve it or something like that but still I am so grateful! I am so grateful for everything. what is the factor? like, I get what I want, I have what I need. what about those unfortunate people ? Why don’t they? And what do they think? like what are they doing ? or what really they think bout life ? is it unfair to them ? Like there are so many people suffering, so many people dying, there is terrorism, there is disaster, so much bad happening around me, so much bad happening around me!!!! I mean and I am in this place so safe so warm so comfy I think I am the lucky one but then, why am I the lucky one? Why they can’t be the lucky one? Why can’t everyone be the lucky one? why can’t everyone have what they need at least! want comes later but at least they should have what they need. People must understand this- if you are really in that position when you feel you have everything you always wanted and you feel that you have everything without doing anything yet! That can be because you really did something well earlier…perhaps in other life( No I am not Superstitious)or in some other way, you DID something!! that’s why you are getting something good NOW. So it doesn’t really matter if you are rich/poor or in what condition you are. You just have to do something good in present to get better future. I am, you know, I am just talking to myself, but behaving like, you know, giving a lecture or something to others for doing good 😀 But honestly -This is what I feel and this is one must understand that when you do good then only you can have good, all those people who are suffering today that is because of their own deeds, of their own deeds in the past, because I don’t think if there is any god or something that is you know putting us in some particular place.. why would he choose anyone to go or to be in a worst place and why would he choose me to be in a good place I mean he doesn’t really have any reason you know to play with anyone like that ? or play with any soul. So I don’t think there is hand of god in it. Wherever  we are in our life whether it is good or bad it is all because of us, it is all because of our soul, this soul travels in many forms, in many bodies, of which we don’t even have any realization or any memory related but this soul has done something good or bad in past for which we are facing results or rewards or punishment in our present world. We have to be helping we have to be good we have to be sorted out in our life. We have to be simple and real and honest with ourselves and with people around Us- this is very Important. I am grateful for my life and I pray for other lives and I pray that they realize this and really do something good so they don’t have to suffer anymore any further and I pray for myself so I don’t really get lost in these luxuries and comfort. PEACE.