So yeah! Choices 😉

Did we have a choice in which era we wanted to get birth or in which family we wanted to be in ? or what if we wanted to be a tree ? or a animal ? umm NO.

But let me tell you a “fact” that our life is nothing but the combination of choices we make daily. Actually every second, every minute, we are making a choice and we are living to that.

We choose to laugh, We choose to cry, We choose our friends, We choose our career, We choose what we want to eat and of course what we want to wear. 😛

Sometimes, it may happen that you feel regretful about some choices you made, it happens with everyone, you are not alone!

Let me tell you about my choices:

I made a choice of staying conservative and not enjoying much in my school time.

I made a choice of trusting so many wrong people so many times.

I made a choice of selecting a different career than my interest during my graduation.

I made a choice of letting things affect me to the level that it caused trouble to me, my family and my friends!

and the list goes on…

So what ? Look at me, After all of these wrong choices, I am still alive, I am still happy and I am ready to make more choices!

Never be afraid to choose what you LOVE, whether its related to work, studies, friends, food and stuff!

Sometimes, you are too afraid to follow what you dream about, you are concerned about the outcomes, you are afraid about how people will react, you are not sure about the support from your loved ones and your heart is filled with anxiety, fear and confusion, if that happens, then GO FOR IT!

When you will do it, you shall feel like giving up several time, you shall not get much support and you shall be scared to death (at least in my case I felt this! ) but keep going on, don’t stop, don’t look back, don’t doubt yourself, trust and GO FOR IT!

and NOW magic will happen, that one choice you were so afraid about, that will take you to places you never imagined of! both mentally and physically 😀

Everything you were worried about will fall into place. All that needed was that ONE STEP towards trusting yourself and in your dreams.

All successful people are result of their choices and more importantly not giving up on their choices and making everyone else to believe in them and in their dreams and that’s how great dreams of great dreamers are transferred to some great believers and good work is continued through generations and generations.

In the end, Just one suggestion :

Think twice before making a choice with a relaxed mind and a pure heart, if it is a YES, then just go for it and don’t stop and most importantly NEVER REGRET!