What music does to you ?

Answer can differ from person to person. Let me unite all the possible answers in one note.

Music is Inspiration. There are some particular songs with those heavy lyrics that just make you feel like you are not less than anyone else in this world. It makes you fly high, it pushes you hard enough that for one moment you believe in yourself more than anyone ever did, and you know what that one moment counts above all. Because, YOU BELIEVING IN YOURSELF IS ENOUGH FOR YOU TO SUCCEED IN YOUR LIFE, YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE ELSE’S APPROVAL.

Music is Love. *Metaphorically*
Now there are various kinds of love, like romantic love, the one that we see in movies, the family love, the country love, and the most rare kind of love – Self love. The most amazing thing about music is that it makes this ‘Love’ feeling 10 times more intense. Remember the time when just by listening few minutes of romantic music you felt like rushing to your babe and the least you could do was call/msg them and pour your heart out about how much you love them. Hahaha. ain’t that funny ? Few moments of music just makes you express yourself to your loved ones. 🙂
Or just remember a song that describes feelings of a child for his mom. And wait and see how tears starts rolling down your cheeks and make you go banana over your Mamma 😀 of course we all love our mamma but a song can trigger that hidden baby inside us who just needs it’s mamma beside him.
Best of all, remember our famous patriotic song or just remember our national anthem. Instantly you can find that tune playing inside your head, don’t you ? Music like that makes you feel so proud of being a part of this holy land, makes you realise how much you love this country. This is how music helps us revive all the intense love feelings that are buried inside our hearts.

Music is Media. It is a best means of communication for those people who you feel hard to explain feelings to. Got my point? I bet you did. Because at some point in our lives, we all have done those silly things like putting song as your status, sending links of relatable songs to people, make them listen some particular songs, songs that hide your secret messages. Heheh :p and I bet we all still do that. Isn’t this amazingly silly how music helps us secretively transfer our deep feelings to people, the feelings that are really hard to express in our own words. So I think, Music also becomes a Saviour in this way, saving us from weird reactions from opposite side if we actually told them what that song conveyed for us. ^_^

Music is Escape. I had a bad day need to relax, puts on my headphones and *plays music* , had a fight *plays music* , can’t sleep in night *plays music*, thinking about my life *plays music*, ignoring someone *plays music*, don’t feel like talking to anyone *plays music*, doing dishes *plays music*, cleaning up my room *plays music*, it’s Sunday morning and feel like singing out loud and dance like nobody’s watching *plays music*. Hahahahha yaaaa this is how MUSIC is my best escape. This is how it works for everyone else too.

Music is an eye opener to real talent. Although one thing cannot limit what a real talent is. But being able to sing well and make music is one hell of a real talent. After all, whatever we are able to feel because of music is possible only because of these talented people who write, compose and sing. I mean really salute to them. If these people weren’t there, then how would it be possible for all of us to enjoy these amazing emotions all wrapped up in a single song.

Music is Art. Music is madness. Music is in soul of the earth. Every thing on this planet is synchronized with a rhythm. If you want to listen to this rhythm, go to a beach and observe that endless sea, stare at the sky with infinite number of stars, visit a forest talk to those trees and you will be able to hear their reply. Listen to the melodious sounds that are already present in the nature in the form of birds chirping, water falling, wind howling. Connect with nature and connect with life.

So did you find your answer? If no, then please do tell what else can music do. 🙂

Be it an inspiration or love or escape or art. One thing we all must agree on is… Music is our need.

So what are you Waiting for ?
Go and listen to your favorite sound. Enjoy the moment. Leave all stress behind and Live to the fullest. ❤

PS. Music is also considered good for your mental health. 😉