YES! I’ve changed.
This 6 LETTER WORD is the truth of our life!
what is “CHANGE” ?
It happens when we start believing again,
when we start looking beyond all the limitations and boundations,
when there’s hope and there’s love,
when you feel strong enough to stand for your own self,
when your highest priority becomes HAPPINESS whether its yours or of your loved ones,
when you believe you have had it all,
when it seems like life is so much better if we all try to change sometimes,
when you think everything, whether good or bad, that happened or would happen is for the good,
when you know there’s a purpose of everything and every person in your life,
when you hit the reality,
when you know life’s about LIVING not SURVIVING,
when it becomes clear that REGRETS are what we wish we could do and not what we did,
when you know everything will pass because everything is temporary,
when you realise that it’s hard for people to understand you,
when the people who you thought will always be there for you leave,
when you think you’ve lost everything,
when it all fell apart,
when you EXPECTED and experienced DISAPPOINTMENT in return,
when reality becomes a dream
when what you gave and did doesn’t matter at all and perhaps never did,
when everything seems dark and you need your own light to escape this darkness,
when people expect from you,
when…when…when… because CHANGE happens in each and every second of your life.
Everything is changing.
Time, seasons, situations, people, feelings, places, meanings, statements,priorities, values, you, me, this, that. EVERYTHING is changing!
Change is mandatory in life whether you want it or not.
what can we do for it ?
Actually nothing because this is out of our control and it’s better not to mess with the things that are not under control.
Change for the better,
change for yourself,
change for the people and things that matters,
Look forward and EMBRACE THE CHANGE 🙂