In this ‘LIFE’ you are going to get disappointed again and again, and specially by those whom you thought would never hurt you, whom you thought are the best kind of people and understands you the most. And mostly, You will be disappointed with yourself. Your ‘EXPECTATIONS’ plays the key role in the process of disappointment. You give power to people to disappoint you. You give them the importance and You allow them to hurt you.

and then..

You don’t retaliate!

This is where you win at life. This is where you break the chains of hurt. This is what makes you different from those who have hurt you.

This is when you become COURAGEOUS.

There are various situations for when you show courage and they differ person to person.

Courage is, when you, after crying for hours, you get yourself up, wash your face and drink water only to face everyone without making them realise the sorrow inside those eyes.

Courage is, when you, even after knowing about what wrong perceptions people are carrying in their mind about you, you choose to face them and treat them in the same nice way that you used to do.

Courage is, when your mind, is playing with you and making you go crazy, you choose to calm yourself down and force yourself to think good thoughts.

Courage is, when you, are going through lots of shit, still choose to stay positive.

Courage is, knowing you are surrounded by threats and invisible demons(your own negative mind), you believe, you hope, for your life to continue to flourish.

Courage is, when you are certain that something dearest to you might be taken away from you, but still you choose to  find ways to make it stay, you don’t let your hopes die.

Courage is, when you are uncertain about your decisions, still take one, and believe, it will work in your favour.

You fall, get up!

You lose, win!

You cry, laugh!


Its an old saying that without ups and downs in your life, you are dead already. So enjoy every moment because it won’t come back.

Just when you make the choice to continue to go on despite of all the setbacks in your life, you become one hell of a person,  you are courageous and you can achieve anything in your life, which you wholeheartedly desire to.